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Hi, I'm Birdie

Thank you for your interest in getting to know me and my story. I'm a Licensed Advanced Practice Esthetician in the state of Minnesota. I also hold a Facial Skin Care Specialist license in the state of Florida. Below is my story.

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My Story

I'm from Tampa, Florida, but moved to Glenwood, Minnesota in fall of 2020 because of a certain virus you may be familiar with. I'm also a flight attendant for one of the world's largest airlines; so during the pandemic, I was furloughed and chose to take the time away from flying and spend it with my grandparents in Minnesota.


I didn't get my start in esthetics because of my interest in skincare but actually for lashes! I had been getting lash extensions for two years prior to the pandemic, and just loved how beautiful I felt wearing them. I've always struggled with self-confidence, and lashes were a game-changer. After finishing school in Florida and opening my lash business in Minnesota, I realized I missed skincare. It is such a transformation to help someone along in their skincare journey; after all, the skin is the largest organ in the body! It makes me feel so lucky to be able to give women the confidence of being comfortable in their skin without makeup.

While pursuing my esthetics license in Minnesota, I was following a fellow Beauty and Health Graduate in her waxing journey, with a specialization in Brazilians. Since I had been getting a Brazilian myself for the past three years, I thought that was something I would like to specialize in too because that was also a game-changer in my life; no more razor bumps or the five minutes in the shower every other day.

After meeting my husband, I decided to open up a spa in Barnesville, Minnesota where I look forward to offering all of my favorite services and serving you!

My education has consisted of: 

  • 320 hours of education at Beauty and Health Institute in Tampa, Florida (resulting in my Facial Skincare Specialist license in Florida)

  • 38 hours of education at Petra v Pro in St. Paul, Minnesota (resulting in my Lash Extension Technician license in Minnesota)

  • Classic Lash Extensions Certification by Nichole Lancaster Aesthetics in Tampa, Florida

  • An online Volume Lash Extensions Certification by Borboleta Beauty 

  • An online Volume Masterclass Certification by Maggs Lashes

  • 300 hours of education at Ridgewater College in Willmar, Minnesota (resulting in my basic Estheticians license in Minnesota)

  • A 1-on-1 Brazilian and Underarm Waxing Certification with Rachel of The Wax Bar of Tampa in Tampa, Florida

  • 500 hours of education at Ridgewater College in Willmar, Minnesota (resulting in my Associate's Degree in Advanced Practice Esthetics)

My future education plans include:  

  • An in-person 1-on-1 Volume Masterclass with Nicole Rivera of Coco Lash Lounge

  • Becoming an Acne Expert with Face Reality

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