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Classic, Hybrid, and Volume
Lash Extensions

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to lash extensions is to KEEP THEM CLEAN. At Blue Birdie Beauty we think it's so important that we include a cleanser with your full set. When you run out, we have more in store for you to purchase.


Classic Lash Extensions are when a lash artist applies one lash extension to one isolated natural eyelash. This results in a very natural look, similar to that of mascara without the daily application. This lash style is perfect for someone that has never had lash extensions before and wants to try them out!

Full Set $175 | 60 minute fill $50 | 75 minute fill $60 | 90 minute fill $80 | Foreign Fill $100

Hybrid Lash Extensions are a mixture of classic and volume lash styles, with each applied in the same format as described above and below, respectively. This lash style is perfect for everyone! Whether you've had classic lashes for a while and want a little more, or it's your first-time and you want to achieve a full look without looking fake, or you have sparser lashes and seek a full look without being "too full" or "too dramatic." This is my personal favorite lash style.

Full Set $250 | 60 minute fill $60 | 90 minute fill $85 | 120 minute fill $110 | Foreign Fill $130

Volume Lash Extensions are when a lash artist applies a fan of multiple lashes to one isolated natural eyelash. This results in a full and dramatic look. This lash style is ideal for someone that likes the look of strip lashes, without the daily application. Additionally, this style is great for someone with sparse or thin lashes, as several lashes can be applied to each lash to make your lash line appear denser than it really is and the extensions are lighter in weight.

Full Set $300 | 75 minute fill $80 | 90 minute fill $100 | 120 minute fill $140 | Foreign Fill $160

**Blue Birdie Beauty is committed to providing the highest quality in Volume lashes and primarily uses handmade fans, made just for you during each appointment. On occasion, we do supplement with pro-made fans as well. However, our goal is always to leave you with the fullest lashes, customized to your face shape and to accentuate your individual features best.**

It's important to note that your natural eyelashes are not permanent. They follow a standard hair growth cycle lasting 2-3 months. Your body naturally sheds approximately 2-5 natural eyelashes every day. This means that while you will have amazing lashes for the first 2-4 weeks after having your lashes done, it is recommended that you have your lashes filled every two to three weeks depending on your at-home care regimen. Things like: getting them wet sooner than 24-48 hours post-application, wearing eye make-up or using oil-based removal products, sleeping on your side or stomach, and rubbing your eyes are rough on eyelash extensions and may require fills more frequently to retain that full lash line.  

A few things to know before your first appointment:

  • Give yourself time. Lashes are a luxury and should be treated as such. Your first full set of lash extensions will take approximately two to four hours to apply depending on the style selected and how many natural lashes you have.

  • Please come to your appointment with a fresh, clean face (no make-up), and clean lashes (definitely no mascara!)

  • Please avoid wearing mascara the day of/ day before and avoid waterproof mascara 2-3 days prior to your appointment, as it can leave a residue that will make lash extensions hard to adhere properly

  • Please avoid caffeine prior to your appointment to avoid fluttering lashes or fidgeting (I encourage lash naps)

  • If you wear contact lenses, opt for glasses the day of your appointment since your eyes will be closed the majority of the time, and the fumes from the adhesive can actually damage your contacts.

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