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Facial Waxing

Full Face Wax | $55

Includes: brows, sideburns + cheeks, nostrils, lip, and chin.

Brows | $20

Lip | $15

Sideburns + Cheeks | $15

Chin | $15

Nostrils | $10

Body Waxing


     Full Leg

     Lower Leg

     Upper Leg


     Full Arms

     Half Arms



      Full Stomach

      Stomach Strip











Women's Intimate Waxing and Services

In order to properly prepare for the following appointments, it is recommended to have AT LEAST 3 weeks of hair growth since your last wax or the last time you shaved (about the length of a grain of rice), be exfoliating 2 times per week, and moisturizing nightly using Fur oil or similar products. Please note: if it is your first wax, we may not be able to remove all of the hair, as your hair grows in cycles - and it takes 2-3 waxes to get all of the hair on the same cycle.


Brazilian    $60

Hair is removed from the pubic region, the inner/ outer labia, and between the cheeks. A thin strip or a triangle of hair can be left, if desired.

Modified Bikini    $50

Hair is removed starting at the edge of the labia to a palm width out onto the leg; as well as two fingertips on top of pubic area and stomach strip. This creates a thin strip from the front to the back. Labia and butt strip not included - that would be a Brazilian wax.

Bikini Line   $35

Hair is removed up to one hand width from leg crease out onto leg; as well as two fingers on top of pubic area and stomach strip. Basically what you would see outside of a bikini.

Full Buttocks   $30

Hair is removed from the butt cheeks and the strip in between the cheeks.

Butt Strip   $25

Hair is removed from between the cheeks only.

Vagacial + Brazilian   $100

This treatment helps brighten skin, prevent ingrown hairs, and removes dead skin cells to smooth the skin. This service includes a Brazilian or bikini wax, an enzyme exfoliation with steam, extractions (if needed), and a hydrojelly mask to help calm the skin from any inflammation or irritation that may occur.

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