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Bridal Bliss: Enhancing Your Look with Minnesota Wedding Lashes

Planning for your wedding day involves meticulous attention to detail, and your bridal look is no exception. At Blue Birdie Beauty, we understand the significance of this special day and the desire to look your absolute best. Our Minnesota Wedding Lashes service is tailored to enhance your natural beauty, ensuring you radiate confidence as you walk down the aisle.


We highly recommend getting your full set of lashes at least two weeks before your wedding. It is most ideal to complete 2-3 fills before your wedding day to ensure that we achieve the look you desire.


Classic, Hybrid and Volume Lash Extensions


Lash extensions are an exquisite way to elevate your overall appearance, and at Blue Birdie Beauty, we offer three distinct styles to cater to your preferences: Classic, Hybrid, and Volume Lash Extensions.


Classic Lash Extensions


If you're new to lash extensions or prefer a more subtle look to start, we recommend Classic Lash Extensions as the perfect choice. Applied individually to each natural eyelash, they provide a natural, mascara-like appearance without requiring daily application. About a month out, we recommend a hybrid fill and then a volume fill right before your big day, especially if you’re having your make-up professionally done, as this will look the best with professional makeup in pictures.




●        Full Set $175

●        60-minute fill $50

●        75-minute fill $60

●        90-minute fill $80

●        Foreign Fill $100


Hybrid Lash Extensions


For those seeking a blend of classic and volume styles, our Hybrid Lash Extensions offer the best of both worlds. Ideal for anyone, whether it's your first time or you want to enhance your existing classic lashes, this style achieves a full look without appearing overly dramatic. We do approve of a hybrid fill a month away to two weeks before your wedding day, then a volume fill right before to ensure that your lashes look full and dramatic enough to compliment your bridal makeup, especially if it is professionally done.




●        Full Set $250

●        60-minute fill $60

●        90-minute fill $85

●        120-minute fill $110

●        Foreign Fill $130


Volume Lash Extensions


For a bold and dramatic look, our Volume Lash Extensions are the answer. A fan of multiple lashes is applied to each natural lash, creating a lush and full appearance. Perfect for those who desire the glamour of strip lashes without the hassle of daily application. We always recommend a 90 to 120 minute volume fill two to three days before your wedding day to ensure that your lashes are full and perfect for your big day. This is vital especially if you are getting your makeup professionally done, as a makeup artist would traditionally use strip lashes, and volume lashes are the only style that would replicate the look of strip lashes.




●        Full Set $300

●        75-minute fill $80

●        90-minute fill $100

●        120-minute fill $140

●        Foreign Fill $160


Blue Birdie Beauty is committed to providing the highest quality Volume lashes, primarily using handmade fans crafted uniquely for each client during every appointment.


Lash Care and Maintenance


Understanding the natural growth cycle of your eyelashes is crucial for maintaining the longevity of your lash extensions. While the initial Set can last for 2-4 weeks, having your lashes filled every two to three weeks is recommended. Factors such as at-home care, exposure to water, and daily activities can influence the frequency of fills.


Note: “It's important to note that your natural eyelashes are not permanent, following a standard hair growth cycle lasting 2-3 months. Your body naturally sheds approximately 2-5 natural eyelashes every day.”


Preparing for Your Appointment


To ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience, here are a few things to keep in mind before your first appointment:


  • Give Yourself Time: Lash extensions are a luxurious experience, and your first full set may take between two and four hours, depending on the chosen style and the number of natural lashes.

  • Fresh Face: Come to your appointment with a clean face and lashes, free from makeup and mascara.

  • Mascara-Free Zone: Avoid wearing mascara the day before and the day of your appointment, especially waterproof mascara, as residue can hinder proper lash extension adhesion.

  • Caffeine Consideration: Minimize caffeine intake before your appointment to prevent fluttering lashes or fidgeting.

  • Contact Lens Alert: If you wear contact lenses, opt for glasses on the day of your appointment to protect your lenses from adhesive fumes.


At Blue Birdie Beauty, we are dedicated to ensuring you feel and look stunning on your wedding day. Our Minnesota Bridal Lashes service is designed to add that perfect touch to your bridal bliss, leaving you with a timeless and elegant look that will be forever etched in your wedding memories! 


PRO-TIP: Schedule a Dermaplane Facial 5-7 days before your wedding day (and before your last lash fill before your wedding) for the perfect makeup application. This will leave your face super soft and allows any lashes affected by steam to be replaced at your follow up lash appointment.

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